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Private School vouchers for foster children a predictable result of SB301

Well, well, well. The front page of the Seminole Producer has an article [State-Funded Private School Vouchers Expand to Foster ChildrenOklahoma Watch report July 14, 2017] proving just what I predicted last year would happen has come to fruition. SB 301 authored by Sen. A.J. Griffin, R-Guthrie and Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman expand eligibility for funds to pay for private school tuition and other educational expenses to “… foster children, adopted foster children and children in custody of the Office of Juvenile Affairs. The students are eligible if they have an individualized services plan, which ALL foster children receive within 30 days of being removed from home….”

Oh, how I was attacked for saying such a far fetched thing. Ha! I could see that writing on the wall a mile away. One more reason I adamantly opposed the local charter school being approved in Seminole. I was the only HD candidate who went to the appeal hearing at the State level and spoke against the decision to overturn the local school board’s decision.

People, according to the last report of the court monitors there were almost 17,000 children in the DHS foster care system. Imagine all the money that number could drain from your local school funds. What a loss for Seminole County.