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Welcome to the new Blue Oklahoma

If you have been a previous visitor to Blue Oklahoma, you will find a few changes. Maybe more than a few!

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The site is in new hands, and while we want to build on the powerful legacy left to us by Kurt Hochenauer (who has moved out of state), we also want to turn a page and try out some new ideas and approaches.

More than anything, we want some new voices to populate these pages, and set them to the long-standing mission: examining the many political problems in our great state, and offering ideas for policies that work for the people, instead of the corporations and the small minority of elite power brokers in business and media, and their operatives at 23rd and Lincoln.

If that is something you also desire, I invite you to join us and become a contributing writer. Read more about getting involved.

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Blue Oklahoma Nominated For Blog Award

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Image of Okie Blog Awards logo

Blue Oklahoma has been nominated for Best Political Blog in the fourth annual Okie Blog Awards contest.  

State bloggers nominate and vote on their favorite blogs in the contest, which is operated by Mike Hermes. Hermes publishes the popular Okiedoke blog. You can find a list and links to all the nominated blogs and directions on how to vote here. The voting is open for Oklahoma bloggers through Feb.7.

Blue Oklahoma is a community blog that hosts diaries from liberal and centrist writers from throughout the state and nation.  The blog focuses on Oklahoma politics.

Okie Funk has won the Best Political Blog award the past two years.

The list of nominees shows once again the vibrancy and diversity of the Oklahoma blogging community. Take the time to click through the list.

Soapblox and Blue Oklahoma

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Blue Oklahoma is part of a nationwide organization of liberal blogs that uses the Soapblox platform.

The Soapblox platform was recently hacked. This revealed serious security and backup problems with the system.

In order to improve Soapblox’s security and backup capabilities, liberal bloggers throughout the country have launched a fundraising drive.

Check out this link about the issue and learn how to donate some money to the cause.

Here is the direct link to the donation page on ActBlue.–Kurt Hochenauer

A Blue Bet

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Image of Mister Okrahead

The wager is on.  The progressive blogs West Virgina Blue and blue oklahoma have come to terms on the bet for tonight’s Fiesta Bowl game between the Mountaineers and Sooners.

Here are the terms: The blog which covers the state with the losing team has to promote the other site with a post once a day for the rest of the week to Friday.

Mister Okrahead, a regular contributor to blue oklahoma, says the Sooners will roll it all out for tonight’s game.

“We have the Sooner Schooner, Sooner Magic, Sooner Swagger, and we are, in fact, a nation to itself, the Sooner Nation.  The Mountaineers stand little chance against these formidable weapons.”

Boomer Sooner!