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Calling All Sooner Staters – Help Us Live A Little More Liberally

By Josh Bolotsky

Hello Blue Oklahomans,

My name is Josh Bolotsky, and as National Program Associate for Living Liberally, I’d like to thank Kurt for giving us the opportunity to reach out to this community.

For those of you not familiar with it, Living liberally is an organization of over 245 chapters nationwide dedicated to creating communities around progressive politics. Through social networks and events, we promote political engagement for those not already involved, and facilitate collaboration among those for whom progressive activism is a lifestyle. Some of our projects include Drinking Liberally happy hours, Laughing Liberally comedy shows, Screening Liberally film series, Eating Liberally meals and Reading Liberally book clubs/tours.

Unfortunately, while Living Liberally is in 47 states, Oklahoma, along with Hawaii and North Dakota, is one of the remaining three states that still doesn’t have a Living Liberally chapter. We’ve made it our goal for our 5th anniversary, on May 29th, to correct that, and finally reach chapters in all 50 states.

Hosting any chapter is very easy, but Drinking Liberally, the oldest of the five, is particularly straightforward –  overall, it’s no more difficult than getting some friends together and meeting in a public space (usually a bar or restaurant) at least once a month to talk politics over a few drinks. If you want to add more – speakers, activism opportunities, promotion of local culture/elections – that’s great, but at the minimum, you just need to meet at a public venue and remind people via e-mail to attend once a month. That’s it – it’s really that easy. And usually, that’s all it takes at first for a new social community of self-identified to start growing, slowly at first, but faster and faster over time.

If you are interested, or just would like to learn more about starting a chapter, contact us at We’re happy to answer any questions, and excited to finally put Oklahoma on our map.

Keep on living liberally, in whatever you do. And please don’t make Howard Dean take back his words:

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