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Rice Liveblogs Firedoglake

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Image of Andrew Rice

State Sen. Andrew Rice (D-Oklahoma City) will liveblog on the progressive site firedoglake at 1 p.m. Saturday, February 23.

Rice, who is running against U.S. Jim Inhofe this election year, is expected to discuss his campaign and his recent initiatives in the state legislature to bring reform to our health care system. A bill proposed by Rice that would require health insurance companies to pay for costs related to clinical trials recently passed a state Senate committee.

Meanwhile, Rice continues to draw opposition from the bizarre ultra-conservative corporate media in Oklahoma over his reform efforts.  Here is a PeaceArena post on the issue. Here is a DownWithTryanny post about it.

According to his campaign, “Sen. Rice is fighting to move our state forward and improve our current health care status. …Oklahoma last year ranked 47th in overall health and 50th in health system performance – which included a rank of 49th in health system access. The way to change that is not to continue to give the insurance companies free rein; it’s to advocate for reform.”

Rice to Live Blog on DKos

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State Sen. Andrew Rice, who recently announced his U.S. Senate bid against Jim Inhofe, will live blog on Daily Kos at 3 p.m. (CST) Wednesday.

Rice decided to take on the gargantuan task of bringing down Inhofe when grassroots supporters in Oklahoma and across the nation appealed to him.  He plans to run an aggressive campaign that will point out Inhofe’s lack of integrity and the many times the kooky senator has embarrassed the state with his outrageous public comments.

Are you sick and tired of Jim Inhofe?  Here is Rice’s ActBlue account.  ActBlue helps progressive candidates throughout the country raise money through the netroots.  Please consider donating some money to help Oklahoma take a giant step forward in terms of its national image.


Run, Andrew, Run

I posted this today on the new site, which encourages state Senator Andrew Rice to run for the U.S. Senate in 2008:

Image of Andrew Rice

U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe has for too long embarrassed Oklahoma with his boorish, archaic views on global warming and people’s rights. His reckless statements have been consistently reported by the national and international press. This press coverage has made the state seem like a place of ignorance. As an Oklahoma ambassador, Inhofe has failed miserably.

Do you want six more years of embarrassment and ridicule under Inhofe’s leadership? Can you stomach it? Do you want to go through six more years of cringing every time Inhofe makes a spectacle of himself and the state in the news or in television appearances?

Oklahoma Senator Andrew Rice, pictured right, a rising political star in the Oklahoma Democratic Party, is the person who can beat Inhofe. He is intelligent, articulate and committed to progressive issues Oklahomans care about. He will stomp Inhofe in debates. He will serve as a logical and overwhelming contrast to an angry Inhofe, who spouts dead ideologies to an unenthused base. Andrew is positive, poised, fair and compassionate.

But the main reason Andrew can win is he stands up for those issues Oklahomans really care about, issues like decent wages, outstanding health care, and individual and privacy rights. As a native Oklahoman, Andrew knows the state well. He and his physician wife, Apple, are raising their young children here, and they want to help Oklahoma families prosper.

Do you want to send Inhofe packing from Washington, D.C.? Then sign the petition urging Andrew to run.

Let’s show Andrew he has our support to make Oklahoma a place admired around the world for its sensible, hard-working, compassionate people, not its kooky politicians like Inhofe who have no clue about the world around them.

Please run, Andrew. We need you!

(Please visit the site and sign the petition.)