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The 50-State Roundup

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I’m pitching in to give the 50 State Blog Round-up a home for a week. Lucky me. Stay as long as you like, but please, keep off the cyber-grass. Hang on tight, it’s time to take off:

   Alabama Democrats pound Republican incumbents over SCHIP vote.

   The California Dream Act, which would provide for financial aid for ALL students, is now on the Governor’s Desk. Take Action Today.

   The state of play on SCHIP doesn’t look good, but in Maryland we do have some options.

   More about the Presidential primary mess in Michigan.

   On Wednesday, the UAW struck Chrysler for half a day. This follows on the heels of the 2-day GM strike last month.

   Martin Heinrich may be running for Congress in New Mexico but he was born in Fallon, Nevada. He shares his childhood memories with My Silver State.

New Mexico
   The surprising retirement of Republican Senator Pete Domenici created a domino effect, which New Mexico FBIHOP explored in a five part series, the final part coming today.

   Republican Congressman Lee Terry of Omaha cast one of only two votes AGAINST freeing the leader of Myanmar’s democratic movement. New Nebraska Network’s Mike Nellis wants an explanation.

West Virginia
   Among other offenses, West Virginia right-wing columnist Don Surber shows no decency in attacking the Frost family.

TxSharon at Bluedaze finds that it’s no longer safe to go into the water in Texas. Meanwhile, Brains and Eggs reveals the sordid tale of Sharon “Killer” Keller, the presiding judge of Texas’ Court of Criminal Appeals, where “justice for all” closes at 5pm – sharp. Blue 19th discovers Rattlebrain Randy Neugebauer likes disasters.

New Jersey</em
Blue Jersey’s Huntsu asks WTF ??? with the federal attorney publicizing the arrests of Democrats but not Republicans? Meanwhile, I explain why the NJGOP cannot win (Hint: We know what they stand for).

AzNetroots ponders the Art of Not Playing Into the Enemies Hands. And Blog for Arizona gleefully discovers that the GOP is gearing up on immigration – an issue that cost them dearly last election cycle.

Bleeding Heartland wonders why Joe Biden is campaigning with Sam Brownback – there’s a reason, but it’s a dumb-as-hell one.

New Hampshire
Blue Hampshire uncovers more asshattery by John Sunnunu. The Liberal Patriot has noticed Americans want the war funding cut – has Congress?

Blue Indiana points the finger at a lying “Christian Conservative” organization (that’s about the only kind there is, right?).

Blue Oklahoma believes that kids deserve decent schools and maybe health insurance, too.

Green Mountain Daily knows – anti-tax nuts are everywhere. The Vermont Daily Briefing has a voice in their pocket – but it keeps saying “dese” and “dem”.

Left in the West says “We love us some Democrats!” – Maybe because they fight for kids

Prairie State Blue reports victory in pressuring Baron Hill and looks at growing up in GITMO.

Raising Kaine reports that Virginia is turning more blue than purple – maybe because Republicans can help being dicks.

Dick Armey (that’s his real name) has some choice words about James Dobson. Square State also has the sickest deportation story you’re likely to hear today.

New York
Joe Brunno ripped off taxpayers – guess which party he’s in?

Where did the water go? Maybe the drought is God punishing Glenn Richardson’s insane 20% sales tax plan.

Stupid Republican tricks. Turn Maine Blue also discusses single payer healthcare.

Why can’t the voucher people play fair – did they have a bad playground experience?

And, in case you’ve been dead, Al Gore won the Nobel Prize for Peace.