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50-State Roundup

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Hello and welcome to another week of the 50 State Blog Network Roundup! This week’s compilation was done by TJ out in Loaded Orygun land…

   The media start to prick their ears to the primary race, now that '07 elections are over.


   John Ensign, Nevada's junior Senator and head of the NRSC, is utterly optimistic by privately saying that he expects a net loss of two seats for Republicans in the Senate.


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   Sven at My Silver State is wondering if Hillary is giving up on the SEIU Nevada endorsement.

   Desalinization will be a major part of the West's water future. Is that a good thing?

   The regressive tax package currently in Maryland's General Assembly is the fault of… progressive Montgomery County?

   More special interest funding of GOP candidates …

   The REAL heroes are the ones who stayed to rebuild New Orleans …

New Mexico 
   Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez is attacking Tom Udall before the primary.

   The latest on Michigan's on-again/off-again presidential primary

West Virginia
   The latest front in Bush's Appalachian War: "Immunity" For Mining Companies

North Carolina 
   Lt. Governor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bev Perdue posts live at BlueNC to introduce her new webpage dedicated to building a new North Carolina.

   Another Republican just helping out his buddies – Cheney's secret nuclear power deregulation and Tilton's scam on Utah

   An AP reporter erred in saying Judge Deborah Bell Paseur announced her candidacy for the Alabama Supreme Court in front of a sign about a recent ruling in favor of Exxon/Mobil, but the error is being repeated and embellished in the Alabama press.

   Kyle laments that the state's entire Congressional delegation has signed Grover Norquist's anti-government tax pledge, including Democratic Senator Ben Nelson.

   Kyle celebrates that the first statewide polling released in a long time shows President Bush with a lowly 41% approval rating.

   John McCain's mother campaigns with her son for the first time.. and immediately offends Mormons on Hardball.


   They're getting ready for the convention in Denver, and Howard Dean stopped by again to show folks around the place. Looks like new media will be prominently credentialed!

   A guest appearance by Rep. Chris Murphy graces the 'Nutmeg, subject Iraq: not another dime except for redeployment.

   Are Saturday elections offensive to Jewish people?

   Joe Garcia, Miami-Dade Democratic Chair, is considering and being drafted for a run against incumbent Mario Diaz-Balart (R) in the 25th district.

   Dale Cardwell triangulates against progressives on immigration to help get support against Saxby Chambliss.

   Boise businessman Walt Minnick joins the field of Democrats looking to unseat (R) Bill Sali. He joins Larry Grant and Rand Lewis, already announced.

   Prarie State Blue stays closer to Dan Lipinski's corruption scandal than white on rice, exposing the family's fake children's charity.

   Indiana's (literally) dirty secret: 3rd in the nation for CO2 output


   Presidential endorsements by state legislative officials? You want em, Bleeding Heartland has em!

   Rep. John Yarmuth confronts the BS emanating from the State Department Inspector General, and smacks it down, hard.


   Sen. Susan Collins says she needs $8mil to win her race…but don't worry, she'll mostly be asking people not from Maine. (Really!)

   The Mass GOP goes Kevin Bacon in Animal House, shouting "All is wellll!" while Republicans continue to panic. 

   Steve Sarvi, DFL candidate in the 2nd district, and perhaps part of Fightin' Dems Wave Two- raw, but just what folks are looking for?

   Gov. Blunt did not like having an ex-staffer reveal that the Office deletes his work emails!


   House Armed Services Chair Ike Skelton reminded folks in Kansas City about Iraq: It's the Readiness, Stupid.

   Montana's only Constitution Party legislator looks to put a "fetus as person" bill onto the ballot for next year. Good luck with all that.

New Hampshire 
   Sununuism: Look Smart, Do Nothing.

New Jersey 
   Gov. Corzine proposes to slash the state's debt a nickel at a time, borrowing from future toll revenues. 


New York
   Steve Harrison campaigns in Manhattan to replace NYC's only GOP Congressman, Vito Fossella. 

New York 
   Iraq vet Jon Powers, running in NY-26, gets Wesley Clark's endorsement.

   Quinnipiac polling suggests Gov. Strickland won't necessarily carry Ohio as someone's VP.

   And here's Mrs. Strickland, talking about Hillary


   PA schools are running nearly $5bil short of necessary funding, and need an immediate sextupling of the per-student rate. Yowza!

Rhode Island 
   RI writer Tom Sgouros notes taxes are just taxes–until you ask who pays them.

South Dakota
   SD makes the list of 16 "Zero Star" states failing to seek and use cleaner energies.

   Got a ban like Knoxville's on new billboard advertising? Maybe you should go digital to skirt it…like they did in Knoxville. 

   Netroots Nation comes to Austin!

   Property taxes, Demagogues, and Schools

   Hooray for Sen. Leahy, who end-arounded Arlen Specter an
d got telcomm immunity stripped
from the likely FISA bill draft out of committee!

   Anti-immigrant sentiment flares in the Richmond suburb of Chesterfield County. 


 George Fearing, Fearless to Challenge Doc Hastings in the 4th