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Thanks Kurt, Cheap Citizenship

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I want to thank Kurt Hochenauer for this opportunity to be a part of this blog.  I have long admired Kurt’s writings and commentaries. I am honored to be associated with his efforts to bring a sense of justice and balance in a state which sorely needs it.

I would like to make my first observations on the political posturing going on in present campaigns.  The German pastor and martyr Dietrich Bonhoeffer warned of something he called “Cheap Grace”.  He described this as Christianity without suffering, without a cost.  I see many politicians in America and particularly in Oklahoma offering a similar type of citizenship.  We are being offered easy patriotism, cut rate democracy , and self-serving stewardship. 

Beware of the politician who tells you everything you want to hear, who appeals to what you “feel” is right.  Beware of the person who claims he or she know the “pure and simple truth” not recognizing that truth is rarely “pure” and never “simple.”

Take, for example, politicians who rail against the “gay marriage” claiming that they wish to “protect the sanctity” of the one man-one woman monogamous relationship. First, looking at the marriages that people like Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gringrich, Strom Thurman have had, I worry that the institution needs to be protected from its protectors.  However, we have to recognize once we consider the economic and social implications of family units, things get a bit complicated.

Consider that businesses like AT&T, for example, offers generous benefits, including health insurace, to “domestic partners”.  The catch is that for an AT&T employee to include his or her partner as a beneficiary, some type of legal documentation for their partnership may be required.  Can someone say “Catch-22”? 

So when Brad or Ernest or Todd or Denise or whoever says that s/he wants to “protect” your marriage from those wicked gays, be aware that they may be asking you to pay for someone’s health care or the healthcare of her child through your taxes and/or higher health costs. Afterall, those hospitals have to recoop those unpaid emergency rooms visits somehow.

Remember also to be one your guard when Joe or Joesphine Politico offers you the obvious solution to the latest problem that has caught the media’s attention. Or, as my papa the preacher told me, “Son, if it sounds too good [or to simple] to be true, it probably is.”

I will deal with more examples of “Cheap Citizenship” because I believe this is a real threat to our Republic in later diaries.

In Solidarity,